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Future of Wearables

I attended the Glazed Wearable Conference in San Francisco this week and these are my conclusions about the future of wearable technologies: 1. Not just fitness wearables Fitness tracking wearables are the first but certainly not the last kind of wearables we will see. 2. Wearables are still just novelties There is still a disconnect between developers and the users. For the most part, developers haven't learned to make devices that prove useful beyond the first 3 months of novelty. For more, see this article at Pando Daily . Also, the graph below from Gartner's 2013 analysis of emerging technologies along the hype cycle shows that wearable user interfaces and IoT are still at the peak of hype. If their theory holds, these technologies will be mainstream in 5-10+ years. 3. Low diversity and the assumptions of privileged techies are increasingly problematic A recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that the young, white, privileged, males that rule the


I built a prototype for a wearable device you've never heard of. My prototype,  Hercubit , is a wearable fitness tracker like many others. It tracks your fitness activity with sensors, Bluetooth, and some fancy machine learning algorithms. Hercubit is actually behind the curve; GymWatch, Push, Atlas, Amiigo, and others do this exact same thing but they are already crowd funded and have promises to deliver this year. Nevertheless, my experience building Hercubit has illuminated countless insights about wearable device users and the wearable industry. As I pursue my dream of making a company whose products make people healthier, happier, and smarter I will share my insights in this blog. Any feedback is appreciated.