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Why Fitness Trackers Are Not a Fad

I've had 2 Fitbits. For each one, I used it for about a month before I stopped seeing the value and I left it at home to collect dust. Most early adopters of fitness tracking technology can tell you a similar story. However, I don't think this spells the end of fitness tracking technology by any means.  Most companies are taking advantage of smaller, cheaper electronics and trying to be first to market with a pedometer to gain market share and brand recognition for wearables. However, a fancy pedometer is just a novelty and just the beginning. Fitness tracking will only increase as the technology becomes more invisible and engaging. Apple and Google are producing wearables now, and their wearables will benefit from their platform and their 3rd party developers. I would expect more developers to start considering wearable device functionality in their mobile applications. As this starts to happen, the appeal of wearables should grow. The current problem is that Fitbits, fo