Why Apple Watch will finally make wearables mainstream

In the last 2 years, wearable devices have grown significantly, however, none has had a lasting, substantial effect. Fitbits famously lose their appeal after just a few weeks once the users understand their basic patterns. Google Wear devices or Google Glass have made lasting, substantial effects but have only been adopted by bleeding edge enthusiasts and Android developers. Apple, however, reaches a broader spectrum of consumers and is trusted by it's loyalists to release polished products.

Apple Watch will succeed where others fell short for the following reasons:

1. Loyal Apple Customers
The top reason Apple Watch will go where other wearables have not...because people will buy Apple products. Apple creates a "walled garden" where users' data is kept in a beautiful form, but it can't leave.

2. Design
With so many possible combinations of bands and finishes, the customer can truly personalize the device. Additionally, Apple's design language is brutally simple and easy to master, making Apple products more accessible.

3. Marketing
Apple consistently has some of the best ads out there. Since their designs are often simple and smart, the marketing is convincing.

One remaining issue is price. I have been in the market for a fancy watch for a few years and I have considered spending $1000+ on a watch with arguably less functionality than the Apple Watch so I can imagine that Apple will have a cheap version and a luxury version which might be around $1500.


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